About Black Badger


James Thompson is a 36 year old industrial designer from Canada, living and working in Sweden since 2002. James started Black Badger Advanced Composites in 2006

With a industrial design masters degree at Sweden’s Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk (HDK), James applies a Scandinavian sense of functionalism into his work, shying away from unnecessary or purely decorative elements.

“This type of ‘honesty of material’ is very indicative of Sweden; why use beautiful wood if you are just going to paint over it?”

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James describes his work as ”a celebration of the industrial”. He adds ”I leave gold and diamonds to the other designers, my thing is 100% industrial materials. When you do not use materials with a financial value, it is the design that you must rely on. It’s more of an architectural way of looking at it, polished concrete and brushed aluminum can be every bit as elegant as silver and emeralds. I think that once we abandon traditional notions of what is beautiful, we find that countless options arise”

In addition to the jewlery design he works with, James is also using Black Badger Advanced Composites to create exciting collaborations within both the motorsports and the luxury timepiece industry.

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  1. Nick says:

    Hey James , sorry to keep buggin ya, but your work is brilliant! All right enough kissin butt! Ha! How about the Super Eclipse can you make that in a 11.5 and 13.5?

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